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Building Trust is the Foundation for Our Business

The way we begin the process with our clients is to build trust, first and foremost. Much of our business comes from referrals, which is a testament to our track record of maintaining successful relationships and making clients very happy.
We are not pushy salesmen, and when we meet for a consultation, we view this as an opportunity to explore ideas for your project. We also feel very secure with clients taking their time to carefully consider the remodeling work and the role we can play in helping them achieve their vision.

The process many clients follow involves acquiring ideas from Pinterest or something they saw on HGTV or maybe from magazines read at the doctor’s office.

In other words people tell us what they want and we appreciate that focus and discernment.

“It comes down to being a good listener,” explains Joshua of Direct Construction Inc. owner. “Often, clients have been thinking about the remodeling project for months or years and they just need a contractor to execute on the idea.”

We Value Your Time & We Will Not Waste It

We can set up a meeting generally within a week, depending on everyone’s schedules. We’ll take measurements and get the sizing of a room for ballpark pricing purposes. We also inspect the area to see if anything might impact the project.

“I’ve been handling remodeling work for 20 years, so I’ve seen it all,” says Joshua. “There are not too many situations we can’t handle. We always inspect a home first and check to see if there are any leaks, and we examine whether there are any rotting floors, for example. These are matters that can affect pricing on a project, so they need to be considered.”

After meeting with a client and discussing the project – perhaps a custom tile shower and/or custom doors – we offer a baseline quote which we can turnaround within days.

“We keep it old-fashioned, with a hand shake afterward, before there’s a contract. Once we’ve prepared the contract, we stop by to discuss the project. Everything we do is very personal and professional. I learned everything about business from my father, long before the internet. We handle business in person.”

What to Expect After a Contract is Signed

We offer clients a 3 day cancellation period after a contract is signed. Next, we place orders for items such as cabinets which can take 3-6 weeks to arrive. When we know we’re 2 weeks out, we call our clients to let them know we are getting closer to the start date. We like full transparency in our process.

We stay on schedule, unless weather or a client’s interest in additional work extends the project. We always stick with the job, too, and we don’t bounce around. You have all of our time and attention until your work is completed.

As the work progresses, we offer daily updates, and we seek feedback from the client. They always tell us how happy they are with how neat, clean and organized we are. We remove garbage daily and we vacuum before we leave for the day. We don’t leave tools in the middle of the floor, either. You can be confident that it’s always a safe environment in our work space.

“We are meticulous and pay attention to every detail,” says Joshua.

How Work Progression Flows

If, for any reason, we are running a day behind schedule, we will catch up right away. We always notify clients of any issues, so they are up-to-date on our progress, too. We communicate by phone, email and text messaging, so clients can rest assured that we are always accessible.

That means if they have questions when they return home, they know they can reach out to us, and we will be fully responsive. If there is ever anything clients should be aware of, we let them know.

“Communication is the key. There should be no surprises.”