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Happy with where you live but your home isn’t large enough? Why not extend it by adding a home addition? Whatever the reason, we have a solution. Whether you need to add more space with kids on the way or more room to entertain, we have you covered. Home additions and renovations in Cleveland, Ohio, involve a wide range of projects and required contractor skills. Your interest may be in adding a room or an extra floor or incorporating the construction within existing structures.

At Direct Construction we make home additions and renovation easy, from concept to completion. “We cover you from foundation to the roof,” says company owner Joshua Myers.

We work with you on factors that can complicate your home additions and renovation project vision. Such factors as load bearing walls, gas lines, electrical, plumbing or HVAC ductwork may effect your project visions due to their presence. This is where Direct Construction’s expertise comes into play and resolves all of these issues.

“There may be hidden elements that people don’t think about,” Joshua explains.

Shaping Your Home Addition Vision In Cleveland

When you work with Direct Construction, we help shape your project with our outstanding design skills. We draw on many years of experience to bring perspective, understanding and experience of home additions in Cleveland. So when clients put pencil to paper to show us what they have in mind, it becomes a collaborative process.

“We’ll think of things that you hadn’t considered,” Joshua notes.

You can depend on Direct Construction to take ownership over your home addition or remodeling project, and we will consider every detail along the way.

For additional information about how we approach each project, click hear to review “Our Process”.

Home Renovations Tailored to Your Dream Home Goals

We can help you assess your current home and advise options available to you. We are specialists in providing solutions that meet your home addition and renovations construction needs, tailored to relating to your dream home goals in the Cleveland area. Our home consultation service answers these questions and more. Direct Construction – Joshua Myers can assist you to with defining the family dynamics and how they will shape the way you intend to use your home now and in the future.

Joshua is highly skilled at recommending changes that won’t create a conflict with the existing design approach. Not all home addition contractors are the same. His trained eye can determine the best method to accomplish your goals.

“We are here to help with each detail and every aspect of the remodeling or renovation project,” states Joshua.
So you can relax and enjoy the process as it unfolds.