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There are few rooms in your home that are visited as often as the bathroom. That’s why we understand people’s interest in remodeling them, to bring a fresh look and feel to this necessary place. Clients come to us in Cleveland seeking a bathroom remodel and new layout and better use of space, along with updated materials like flooring and tile. These kinds of enhancements will add value to your home.
Clients often approach us after shopping on the internet for materials they like for their bathroom, which we are always happy to offer feedback on the use of their choices. We have great depth of experience working with a full range of textiles, so we can make suggestions that can further guide your decision-making process in the best quality for your bathroom needs.

We are happy to work with you during your selection of quality bathroom remodel materials, including cabinets, hardware, countertops, tubs, showers, flooring and more, all sourced from dependable suppliers.

Bathroom Remodeling Solutions Start with Prep Work

“What’s underneath your bathroom flooring is critically important,” says Direct Construction Inc. owner Joshua Myers. The tile is more for looks, he adds.

His team makes sure that when remodeling, the waterproofing membrane is solidly in place before any tiling is added to the bathroom. This careful process ensures the longevity of a shower. “What you don’t see is most important,” he notes.

Bathrooms can be elegant or they can be basic, but either way, Direct Construction Inc. makes sure that every detail is considered. The prep work always reflects a concern for a solid foundation.

In Bathroom Remodeling, Quality Materials Always Matter

When Direct Construction Inc. relocates drains, replaces tubs and toilets, installs new shower valves, adds new faucets and gets involved with other replacements as part of the bathroom remodeling work, we always use the best materials. Our concern for your experience in your new bathroom extends to every element associated with the project.
A newer trend lies with the usage of large profile tiles in the 12” x 24” range for floors and walls. We use thin grout lines and rely on a great grout that’s fabricated in conjunction with the sealer.

When it comes to tubs for your bathroom remodel in Cleveland, the trends are tapping into free-standing deeper, soaker tubs or they are finding placement in alcove-style spaces. “Long gone are the days of Jacuzzi tubs,” reports Joshua.

In general, a bathroom remodel in the Cleveland area requires 1-2 weeks to complete. When it comes to this particular room, Joshua finds that the greatest demand lies with enlarging showers. “Many clients are interested in bigger showers with glass doors using 3/8” or ½” frameless material. These remodels also feature cultured marble or acrylic bases,” he explains.

Whatever your bathroom remodeling project entails, Direct Construction Inc. is interested in helping you out.